Wire Rope Lifting Device with Pressure Plate

If the lifting angle α (see picture 2) is greater than 45°, a lifting device equipped with a pressure plate must always be used.

The length of the inner thread in the lifting must be long enough for the thread of the lifting device to fit completely in to the lifting anchor. This allows for full usage of the capacity of the lifting anchor and the lifting device and is particularly important when using lifting devices equipped with pressure plate. The pressure plate must be securely against the concrete with all of its surface area to be able to fully use the capacity of the lifting device. Additionally, the surface area against the concrete must be large enough for the concrete not to crack under the load inflicted by the moment which occurs due to the eccentricity of the horizontal component of the lifting force.


  • CE Approval

Dimensions and Resistances of Wire Rope Lifting Device equipped with Pressure Plate

Rd/M b
Rd 16 56 21 180 345 34 12
Rd 20 68 26 220 410 44 20
Rd 24 74 31 220 435 55 25
Rd 30 90 39 240 490 65 40
Rd 36 103 55 300 650 90 63
Wire Rope Lifting Device with Pressure Plate

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Accesoriese for Full Metallic Lifting Device Equipped with Pressure plate