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RPS-balcony hinge

RPS-balcony hinge

RPS-balcony hinges are steel parts used in precast concrete buildings to transfer horizontal loads from balcony slab to the building floor and at the same time allowing vertical movement of balcony due to temperature changes.

RPS-balcony hinge consists of Rr 30 or Rr 36 lifting anchors installed to the balcony slab before casting and balcony hinge steel part installed to the floor grouting. These parts are connected with an attachment screw.
The way of connection is different from those of other balcony hinges, there is a connecting plate open of its lower edge, whereby the installation from top down is easy and can be performed without tools.

The connecting anchors of the RPS also operate as the lifting inserts of the balcony slab during the installation of the balcony slab. One end of the steel section is installed at the work site in a connection formed by the connecting anchor, the elevating sleeve and the connecting screw and the other end is fastened to the slabs of the building in connection with the installation of the balcony slabs.


Finland: 5B EC2 90

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