We are part of R-Group, Finnish leading global supplier of steel solutions


We have created design tools, as well as components, for our products for all designers to use. You can download individual components and tools for Tekla, Revit and AutoCAD. New tools and components will be added and we are also committed in improving and updating our existing tools and components.

Certification is a means to ensure the product’s quality and safety, as well as its conformity to regulations. Our Quality Certificates ensures that our products have passed performance tests and quality assurance tests, and meets qualification criteria stipulated by organizations such as Kiwa Inspecta and FINAS.

Inspecta – Units for concrete reinforcement

Inspecta – Certificate of conformity of the factory production control 0416-CPR

R-Group Baltic OÜ, Tallinn, Estonia – ISO 9001:2015

R-Group Baltic OÜ, Tallinn, Estonia – ISO 14001:2015

R-Group Baltic OÜ, Fastenings for use in concrete Manufacturing, import and delivery

If you are looking for precast accessories and concrete connections, look no further than RSTEEL®. Get certified quality products for safer and reliable construction for your projects. Check out our RSTEEL® and RSTONE® Product Catalogs!

RSTONE® Product Catalog


Established in 1997, R-Group Finland Oy is an importer and wholesale distributor of the finest quality Granite and natural stone materials. Our beautiful materials are imported from quarries around the world with exceptional attention to material integrity and beauty.

You can find more information on the company and its range of solutions in the company brochures.

RSTEEL® Company Brochure

R-Group is a Finnish leading global supplier of precast accessories and concrete connections. With more than 50 years of experience in precast industry, R-Group with its global brand of RSTEEL® provides sustainable solutions for safe, reliable and enduring structures throughout the world.

RSTEEL® Bolted Connections

RSTEEL®‘s robotic welded, Inspecta certified high-quality Column shoes and Wall shoes along with base bolts are the perfect solutions for creating moment resisting connections for precast elements. Our bolted connections are designed according to Euro codes and have BY approval and produced according to EN 1090.

RSTEEL® Lifting Loops Brochure

RSTEEL Smooth Bar Lifting Loops RSTEEL® Smooth Bar Lifting Loops meet the requirements for safe and efficient lifting and handling of walls, columns, beams and other pre-cast concrete elements. These are made of smooth bars.

RSTEEL® RPS Balcony Hinges Brochure

A UNIQUELY designed solution to connect supported balcony slabs to the building safely while enabling vertical movements of up to 14 mm due to temperature changes. These are steel parts used in pre-cast concrete buildings to transfer horizontal loads from balcony slab to the building floor and at the same time allowing vertical movement of balcony due to temperature changes. RPS balcony hinge consists of R30 or R36 lifting anchor installed to the balcony slab before casting and balcony hinge steel part installed to the floor grouting. These parts are connected with an attachment screw.