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30 years of experience in the Precast Concrete Industry.

R-Group offers high quality RSTEEL® products for customers around the world. Our customer-oriented service, excellent and reliable network of suppliers plus our extensive product portfolio ensure that we are able to offer professional and flexible solutions for any kind of projects. In our operations we comply with the ISO 9001 and 14001 standards. Every RSTEEL® product comes with a certified quality, service, and on-time delivery quarantee.

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Who can Benefit?

RSTEEL® products have been used for decades across 20 countries. Our extensive experience and expertise have inspired the confidence of our clients and have helped us build a niche in the global construction industry.


We provide precasters with the products and services that they require and according to agreed schedules.

Extensive range of standard and customised products with technical support and on time deliveries to meet the demanding requirements of precast industries.


We are committed to helping contractors provide solutions in all aspects of their projects.

Technically qualified and cost-effective solutions for variety of constructions such as small-scale residential projects to large development projects in infrastructure and commercial construction to maximize your revenue.

Structural Designers

We provide design tools for our products to add flexibility and make designing structures easier and faster.

3D components for modelling programs, technical manuals and installation instructions of RSTEEL® solutions can be diversely utilized in building design for safe, reliable and faster designing of structures.


We provide innovative and bespoke solutions that inspire and support creativity in design.

Our unique components like balcony hinge can be used for more creative designs. Also, our extensive range of concealed connections can be used for different facades providing possibilities for multiple design options.

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The New RSTEEL® product Catalog for Safe, Reliable and Enduring Structures


RSTEEL® bolted connections received Polish national approval

RSTEEL® RPK-N3/E5-column shoes and RPP/-E-base bolts have received Polish national approval. The approval has been granted by Polish national ITB institute. The approval is a sign of trust and with the approval, we can serve our clients even better. ...

We’re Green & Certified

We can proudly say that our operation fulfills, ISO 9001
and ISO 14001 standards.

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