RNP Plastic Nailing Plate

The nailing plate is used to fix the lifting anchors to the formwork. The nailing plate is made of plastic and is color coded according to the thread size. Available in 10 thread sizes from M12 to M52 The recess formed by the nailing plate is a perfect fit for our lifting devices

Dimensions and Loads of RNP Plastic Nailing Plate

  Thread Dimension  
Description d
RNP 12 M12 10 40 Orange
RNP 14 M14 10 40 White
RNP 16 M16 10 40 Red
RNP 18 M18 10 55 Pink
RNP 20 M20 10 55 Light Green
RNP 24 M24 10 55 Dark Gray
RNP 30 M30 10 70 Dark Green
RNP 36 M36 10 70 Blue
RNP 42 M42 12 95 Light Gray
RNP 52 M52 12 95 Yellow
RNP Plastic Nailing Plate

RSTEEL® 2018 range of products has a wide selection of standard applications such as nailing plates, recess formers, plastic caps etc.
RSTEEL® Lifting System has a color code for easy recognition of every thread size. Tailor made solutions for your special demands are also available. We stock a full range of fixing accessories and have access to a wide range of others, please ask should you be unable to find a solution for your application.

Accesoriese for Full Metallic Lifting Device Equipped with Pressure plate