RLEA Lifting Anchor

The RSTEEL® RLEA anchor with cross hole is developed for installation on the ends of wall stabs. The anchor is held fast via the anchorage rod which is inserted through the cross hole. The maximum angle of inclination is 30 from the perpendicular, parallel to the face of the element.

Dimensions and Loads of the RLEA Lifting Anchor

Lifting Anchor Load Group D d D1 L
RLEA 13 1.3 10 9 19 65
RLEA 25 2.5 14 13 26 90
RLEA 50 5.0 20 18 36 120
RLEA 100 10.0 28 25 47 180
RLEA 200 20.0 39 30 70 250

RLEA Lifting Anchor

RLEA Lifting Anchor Materials and Standards

Ordering Code Lifting Anchort Standard Type
RLEA S355J2+N SFS-EN 10025 Plain
RLEAz S355J2+N SFS-EN 10025 Hot Dip Galvanized
RLEAez S355J2+N SFS-EN 10025 Electro zinced
RLEAr 1.4301 SFS-EN 10088 Stainless
RLEAh 1.4401 SFS-EN 10088 Acid resistant
For resistances please refer to the technical manual.


  • Eye anchor is used for lifting of slender precast elements such as beams.
  • R-STEEL® RLEA anchors with cross hole can be used for concrete compressive strengths for 15 N/mm.
  • he anchorage bar can be bent at an obtuse angle or at an acute angle. Note! the bar must defenitely be in direct contact with the bottom of cross hole

RLEA Lifting Anchor