RCL Lifting Anchor

RCL lifting anchors are flat steel parts with ribbed steel bar for anchoring. Main usage of RCL lifting parts is lifting of one storey high balcony columns. RCL lifting parts are made entirely of stainless steel. RCL lifting parts are not removed or cut after nstallation of column. RCL lifting parts remain in structure and can be used eg. for anchoring horizontal forces in connection between balcony column and balcony slab.

RCL lifting anchor placement in elements

RCL lifting parts are placed on top of column and in the center of gravity of the column. When using RCL lifting parts additional reinforcement must always be installed (reinforcement 1+1 pcs φ8 mm A500HW, B500B
or similar ribbed steel). Reinforcement of column may be used as reinforcement of RCL lifting parts. dditional reinforcement is primarily to prevent concrete breaking during lifting and installation of column.


  • CE Approval

Dimensions of RCL Lifting Anchor

Lifting Anchor H
RCL 2 390 30 10 14 20 11 1+1
RCL 4 470 40 15 17 25 11 2+2
n = number of ribbed steel bars
* According to SFS-EN 10278

Resistances of RCL Lifting Anchor

Safe Working Loads (SWL) [kN]
Lifting Anchor C12/15 C16/20 C20/25
RCL 2 5.0 5.2 5.2
RCL 4 9.3 12.4 13.5

RCL Lifting Anchor Materials and Standards

Ordering Code Flat Steel Standard Ribbed Steel Bar Standard
RCL 2 1.4301 SFS-EN 10088 B600KX / B600XB / B600XC SFS1259, SFS1259:2016
RCL 4 1.4301 SFS-EN 10088 B600KX / B600XB / B600XC SFS1259, SFS1259:2016

RCL Lifting Anchor

RCL Lifting Anchor