April 13, 2018 | Blog

Improved Fastening Products with enhanced Strength and Durability

Our popular SBKL, KL, JRL plates and RT steel parts are upgraded under UNITED Fastening Plates project.
United Fastening plates was a project together with other Finnish precast accessories suppliers. All the participating manufacturers now offer the SBKL, KL, JRL plates and RT standard steel parts with the same capacities. By harmonizing fastening plates and standard steel parts, the work of designers, manufacturers, concrete element manufacturers, contractors and officials is made easier owing to the solutions’ interchangeability. This has given RSTEEL® opportunity to improve its product range and to update the technical details of its fastening range to meet the challenges of precast projects.

RSTEEL® improved Fastening Products offer enhanced strength and durability

  • Improved Capacities
  • User guides updated as per Finland’s best industry experts
  • Standardized Sizes and features
  • Increased efficiency in element factory
SBKL Fastening Plates


KL Fastening Plates


JKL Fastening Plates


RTR 25 / RTR 26 Panel Element Counter-support

RT/RTR Standard Steel Parts

RSTEEL® plates have been designed using high-grade steel to economically give maximum capacities. Tailor-made fastening products are also provided as per customer’s requirements.

To access the new and improved User guides please click on the link below

To access the new and improved User guides please click on the link below


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